Thank you to everyone who has been so kind to support our projects

September 3, 2017

Villa Kultur

Has been so kind to let the project "Kan du smage lys og føle lyd" take place in their beautiful old Villa during the exhibitionperiod.

Villa Kultur is a shared officespace for entrepreneurs.

August 17, 2017

Frost Festival

Lysbid has the priviledge to coorporate with Frost Festival and be a part of their program in February 2018. Together with their expertise within music will the project be complete.

Frost Festival takes place every year in  February. Here they invite people to experience a combination of light, sound and architecture in special made events.

Oktober 30, 2017

Oticon Fonden

Has been so generous and supported the project "Kan du smage lys og føle lyd" with 25.000kr.

Oticon Fonden funds artistic and  cultural projects, together with audiology, education and science, and projects with social purposes.

Juli 4, 2018

Roskilde Festival

Lysbid was privileged to be assigned for a project at the Art Zone at Roskilde Festival 2018. Given the theme "Human, Non-human" we were asked to create an art installation reflecting on the digital and technological world we live in. Roskilde Festival sponsored the full project.



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