Maria and Anna

Both  lightingdesigner Maria Cramer-Møller and fooddesigner Anna Østergaard Laursen are very passionate about the handcraft and aesthetic in their design.

They both wish to touch and unite people through their senses and together they have found the perfect combination to do so.

They work together to create experiences where they combine light with gastronomy and through interactive motivation, they bring the audience together. They are interested in the combination of art, design and handcraft and are keen on broadening the audiences perception of the transition that takes place between the definitions.


Anna is a chef and started her own food design company in 2015 called Edible.

Edible is her freespace to experiment and test thoughts and new ideas within the world of gastronomy.

Anna has arranged and made several events about interactive og conceptual foodexperiences.

The great purpose is to always challenge the guests aknowledgement about food and what a meal is or can be, as well as motovating to social interactions in new and interesting constellations.


Maria has a master whitin lightingdesign, which she combines with her bachelor in textiledesign.

As a self employed designer, she works with both design products as well as more conceptual lightinstallations.

Her interest is especially focused on the human body and how we experience it's sourroundings, through our natural senses and the feelings attached to them.

By combining shape, materiality, light and colour she creates spatial lighting experiences.


Email: kontakt@lysbid.dk

(0045) 22899199 (Anna)                  (0045) 20787140 (Maria)

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